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Nice-Matin - 24 May 2022

This Antiboise passes on the confidence of the tops in her school

nice-matin lucie petit may 22-05.png

After growing up in Antibes, Lucie Petit moved to Hong Kong nine years ago. While working as a model, she opened a school there to teach what she learnt through her career.

The great thing about shyness is that it can be tamed. And it won’t be Lucie Petit who says the opposite.


The young woman moves with extraordinary ease in front of the lens today, but she remembers the teenager she was… standing rather hunched, the studious kind. “In short, I never thought that I would be doing what I’m doing”, says the now-model with a big smile.

After Antibes, she spread her wings for Hong Kong. She’s been working there for 9 years, living a fast-paced daily life that has slowed down by the pandemic, of course: “We are witnessing a change in my industry. Some brands have had to leave the city during and have not returned since.”

In a world in revolution, one must be able to sense the movement.


In 2020, the Stransbourg native launched her own business. Her challenge, her baby, her seedling to nurture: HK Model Camp. A school to pass on what she has learnt through her years of experience between contracts with Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani and even Chanel’s recent Cruise show in Monaco. “It all started with my YouTube channel. I opened it three years ago and I talked about my job in the videos I filmed. Internet users came back with a lot of questions and I told myself that there was something interesting I could build with this”, summarises the model with the soul of an entrepreneur. Her concept: to offer mentorship, advice and support at the top model level.



In addition to remote sessions, she welcomes her students to her studio for a photo shoot, to work on the catwalk-style gait or coaching in a one-off booking or a follow-up, available in individual or group classes. “It’s so enriching to see people’s evolution and work on the subject of confidence with them”, she admits, delighted to spread her gentle energy to her students who are mostly… female: “It’s true that the majority are women but, men are still present!” 

It’s an approach intended for aspiring models but also for others: “For someone who has choosing modelling as a career, it provides know-hows. For others, it’s for personal development.” It’s a way to explore who we are, through the way we see ourselves. “My goal is to get them out of their comfort zone. It’s not always easy, but it’s also how we move forward. But careful, I never force anyone to do something that would go against their principles, their culture and their beliefs”, assures the company director who likes to break clichés of the modelling world (see below).


When it comes to hair and makeup, the idea is not to distort yourself, Instagram filter style. Frowning, she acknowledges, Yes… it is damaging. Getting used to not seeing yourself as you are is not very healthy in the long run.” Here, beauty products are used to enhance the participants’ beauty. The result? “The only touch-ups we do are on small, temporary flaws like a pimple, for example.” Take away the idea of changing your nose or enhancing your cheekbones. Learn to pose, practise in front of a camera or a device… So many steps to reach serenity: namely, self-acceptance. Staggering. And for the magic to work, the sessions must be tailor-made.


nice-matin lucie petit may 22-08.png

Her best advice? “Even if you do it subconsciously, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other. It’s destructive.” The real challenge lies elsewhere: “On the other hand, you can face yourself. For example, the person you were several years ago. This allows you to see how you’ve evolved, to become aware of how far you have come.”


An evaluation tool that does not cross boundaries. But allows space for its own influence. A power capable of transforming any chrysalis…

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Translated by Kylah M and Sophie Kim

Nice-Matin May 22

The Millennial Source - 26 October 2021

Boost your confidence with Lucie Petit, founder of HK MODEL CAMP

the mil source 1.png
the mil source 3.png
The Mil Source

Hong Kong Living - 22 October 2021

Influencer Awards 2021: Entrepreneurs & Business

hong kong living influencer award-3.jpg
HK Living Influencer Awards 2021
HK Living

Le Petit Journal - 12 October 2021

Candidates Profiles to the French Living Abroad Trophies of the Year

trophées des français de l’etranger-2.jpg
trophées des français de l’etranger-1.jpg
French Trophy

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide - 28 September 2021

Interview: What inspired you to start your company?

few 1.jpg
few 2.jpg

Le Petit Journal - 25 April 2021

Lucie: "Modeling in Asia is more accessible than in Europe

Le Petit Journal Press Lucie Petit-1.jpg

From her meter seventy-seven tall, Lucie is a model. She has lived in Hong Kong for eight years and tells us about her education, her job and her many projects. Portrait of an atypical young woman with a journey that makes you dream.

When you think of models, you always imagine these inaccessible girls, with distant gazes and melancholy air. As I join Lucie on the terrace of a café for our interview, she shatters all clichés in just a few seconds. This beautiful young woman is beaming and her broad smile hits me from the first second.


In Hong Kong for 8 years, this tall brunette talks to me about the realities of her profession, which makes you dream so much, and about her many projects.


"Becoming a model took time."

After spending 9 years in Alsace, Lucie and her family have changed their surroundings. They moved to Antibes, in the south of France, where palm trees replace vineyards and fields as far as the eye can see.

From an early age, Lucie was interested in modeling. At 15, with the help of her mother, she therefore applied for an agency in Nice. The answer is positive and she goes to a first meeting where she signs her very first contract. Her career is now launched.

But if Lucie is now "signed" as a model, nothing exclusive is happening. The young girl is disappointed: "I expected to run from shoot to shoot, but in the end not much happened. It took a long time. It was difficult. I had a few castings, but I lacked experience and confidence. I was not advised and I found myself, trembling, in front of the cameras without knowing what to do. Therefore, nothing much came out of it. ", confides the young woman, laughing.

From the Monaco Grand Prix to the Cannes Film Festival, to Hong Kong

Lucie grew up, passed her baccalaureate, before obtaining a higher technical diploma in real estate, then studied for a license at the University in Applied Foreign Languages. As she has time aside from her studies, Lucie goes back to it, resumes applying for castings and there things start to move.

"My first assignment as a model was at a sporting event in Monaco for a women's football stand. I had to wear a player's costume." she said to me, laughing. "I was then able to participate in the Cannes Film Festival as a hostess. I had a lot of small contracts next to studies. I did the Monaco wedding fair, the Monaco Grand Prix, did a fitting for BananaMoon, I took part in many events… "

From there, Lucie applied for a casting conducted for the Elegance agency in Hong Kong. The young woman is taken and therefore flies to Hong Kong for 3 months.

"It was a drastic change of scenery for me. I was both amazed  by the size of the buildings and shocked by the size of the apartments, being used to different standards in France. I loved the dynamics of Hong Kong . It's a bustling city where anything is possible. I was really excited to discover a whole different culture! "

This professional experience is going very well. The contract is renewed ... and Lucie settles in the Port aux Parfums.

Le Petit Journal Press-3.jpg

"What I love about my job is its variety."

Lucie therefore learns the profession of a model on the job, depending on the contracts, on the experience gained. Her network is growing and she is diversifying.

If Lucie does fashion, which means that she walks and poses for magazines, in addition to the commercial aspect, which includes catalogs and advertisements, to showcase clothes or other products, she also works as a cabin model: "The cabin models are the models on which the designers will try out the prototypes of the collections they are designing."

Lucie prefers fashion, the lights of the projectors and being able to play different characters at each shoot, but the fitting, or cabin, pays more generously and it is interesting to combine the two.

"It's exciting to meet the stylists and find out what's going on behind the scenes of a collection. We work with people from all walks of life, who are often multilingual. For Armani, for example, it's in Italian!"

When I ask Lucie what her daily life looks like, she smiles: "Every day is different. That's what I love about this job, and that's what's so complicated. Everything is constantly improvised. It depends on the type of contract ... Sometimes you know in advance who you're going to work for this month, sometimes not. It's a surprise. "

To prepare, Lucie has several rituals: skin care, sports sessions ... nothing is left to chance: "I do a lot of skipping rope to keep my figure. And if I don't diet, I practice intermittent fasting. I skip breakfast. It's not for everyone but it helps regulate the line and it has many health benefits. "

"Modeling in Asia is more accessible than in Europe."


"In Asia, modeling is more accessible. In Europe, there is a lot more competition between models, especially between Caucasians. Here, it's more flexible on various aspects and especially on measurements. Naturally, in Hong Kong , the girls are on average shorter, so there are more opportunities for those who aren't that tall. "


Lucie, who is 1.77 meters tall, is tall in the Hong Kong landscape. But the model selection tends to evolve globally, confirms the young woman: "Nowadays, the selection is more inclusive than a few years ago when we had to be very thin and very tall. It changes today, both in terms of sex, skin color, disability, etc. It is global. In Hong Kong, it is still in its infancy compared to the West and in particular the English-speaking countries… but it happens nicely. "


At the beginning of 2019, Lucie left for New York to join the Coco Rocha Model Camp, where the model Coco Rocha teaches models the pose, the catwalk, the art of the shooting, the acting, the branding or the realities of the profession. It is the first time that the young woman participates in a school of models strictly speaking: "It was a period when I doubted my future. This camp reinvigorated me enormously and gave me the desire to integrate myself more into the fashion side of the profession. "

Fashion is an exclusive world, Lucie tells me: “To access it, the standards are strict: hip size, weight, age, etc. nothing is left to chance and the agencies are sometimes really selective. So I decided to go for it. I organized my own photo shoots from concept to realization, with teams of photographers, videographers, makeup artists, designers and other stylists and staged myself before submitting them to various magazines. "

Success is then at the rendezvous. The Hong Kong magazine #Legend, which can be seen in newsstands in the city, posts her photos in one of its issues: "I am proud to have taken the initiative to do this by myself, with my team."

Le Petit Journal Press-2.jpg

Camps to prepare to become a model

In 2019, Lucie is launching a YouTube channel to advise those interested in the profession. "The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I loved answering all of these questions online. It felt like I found my niche."

On the strength of this result, Lucie decided, at the very beginning of 2020, to create an experience for apprentice models in Hong Kong: HK Model Camp. "I organize bootcamps for girls who want to do this job but also those who want a boost of self-confidence while discovering the profession ... and discovering themselves. In 2020, with the Covid, I've been able to do only two camps, but it was a success, "she said with a smile.

During these camps, some young girls, aged 14 to 22, learn from Lucie's experience: "Since then, several of them are now regularly featured in the media". Lucie gives me the example of a young woman named Rosemary, who was selected as a finalist by the international Elite Model Look competition. "And there is also Mia, a very beautiful Chinese-Japanese girl, quite small, who appears periodically on the city buses, in advertisements, while we find Kylie on several TV channels! I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished and if the younger ones, who are still students, still need more time to mature, they are on the right track and I can't wait to see what the future holds! "

In parallel, the young woman is in charge of a voluntary program called Inspiring Girls where she accompanies young girls from 10 to 18 years old in order to help them find their way: "For the moment, it happens once a month online (until we can do it face to face) and I chaperone a group of 4 to 5 girls from the Lycée International Français who are all around 15. These are lessons on discovering their values, their strengths and their interests but above all intended to give them self-confidence and to appreciate themselves more. "

To conclude, I ask Lucie what her advice is for those who would like to do the same job as her: "Never compare yourself with others," she said to me, smiling. In this industry, it happens to have the feeling of being in competition in terms of appearance, both on social networks and when going from one casting to another. We are constantly put to the test and facing an audience that is not always tender ... But everyone is different and potentially has a chance, as long as you believe in yourself enough and give yourself the chance! "

For the rest, Lucie is full of ideas. She is obviously planning other camps over the summer, but plans to give classes in various forms, and even create a platform to promote all types of models.

"We'll see what tomorrow brings… but I love my job!"

Text: Karine Yoakim Pasquier

Translation: Lucie Petit

Le Petit Journal

Hashtag Legend - 10 September 2020

L’éveil: Style meets surrealism 

Contributor to Hashtag Legend magazine Sept 2020, winner of SOPA 2020 award in magazine design.

hashtag legend-4.jpg
Hashtag Legend L'Eveil.jpg
Hashtag Legend L'Eveil 2.jpg
hashtag legend-3.jpg

The 20th century has revealed artists such as Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Pietro Fornasetti through the avant-garde movement known as surrealism. Visualising the world through striking and bizarre thought-provoking images, surrealism portrays stories and meanings from the real world.

Fast forward to 2020, a real and online world becoming increasingly surreal every day; L’Éveil steps into an eclectic vision of the social movements of our era, driven by a digital world full of judgements and critics. A world requiring us to fit in the box it wants us to shape into. A world we want to escape, but a reality we can’t hide from.

Yet hiding behind a mask, maybe losing ourselves in the process of becoming this new version of ourselves? What matters, in the end, is what we decide to put a value on. It’s when we’ll look back at it that we’ll understand what our true precious things are: The awakening in a mad world left to your interpretation.

Text / Lucie Petit & Alexander Yeung

Photography / Alexander Yeung and Kris Yeung
Styling / C Jo Lee
Make-up / Manie Chan
Hair / Kazif Cheung
Assistant / Dannison Wong
Model / Lucie Petit

Hashtag Legend Eveil

Hashtag Legend - May/June 2020

The Future Issue: New Norm for Now 

At the peak of COVID in 2020, Lucie has produced her own impactful photoshoot posing with nothing but a mask, to promote social distancing and the wear of masks that was later endorsed and published by Hashtag Legend magazine.

hashtag legend-1.jpg
hashtag legend-2.jpg

Art direction: Lucie Petit

Photography / Edward Chan
Make-up & Hair / Karis Sin
Model / Lucie Petit

Hashtag Legend New Norm

GRAZIA INDIA - 23 April 2020

Grazia India

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Supermodel?

Scroll through [this link] for some of the recent #PoseAtHome video posts featuring "what is likely to become the next gen legion of supermodels".

Coco Rocha Grazia India.jpg
grazia india.jpg
Lucie Petit Grazia India.jpg

MING PAO - 27 Febrary 2020

Ming Pao

French model looks forward to changing the standards of beauty in fashion

Ming Pao Daily Lucie Petit Coco Rocha Mo

[Ming Pao News] Supermodel Tyra Banks produced and hosted America's Next Top Model in 2003, rolling up the model craze over the years and transforming one ambitious girl into a supermodel on the flyover. French model Lucie Petit has been fan of the show, like many girls dreaming to become a model. Through continuous efforts and trials, she is promoted by supermodel Coco Rocha who teaches supermodel skills in person. Lucie, who has been in the modeling industry for many years, bluntly hopes to change the ecology of fashion and promotes the standard of beauty not to be only "tall, white, skinny".

■ Profile

◆ Lucie Petit

French girl, determined to become a successful model, starting with Hong Kong. Coached by supermodel Coco Rocha, she hopes to share what she learned from Coco Rocha to other models through her YouTube channel and change the ecology of Hong Kong fashion models.

1. How did you start your modeling career?

In high school, my friends kept asking me if I would be interested in becoming a model. At that time, I knew nothing about the modeling industry, so I contacted a local modeling agency in France. At first I didn't care too much but within the following two years or so, I discovered my enthusiasm for the modeling industry, and cooperated with different photographers to officially start my modeling career.

2. Why did you choose Hong Kong as your starting point?

When I first started as a model, I kept working with photographers to share my work to different modeling agencies and casting websites. One day that lead to a contract offer from a Hong Kong model agency, so I came to Hong Kong!

3. Which model do you consider an idol?

Queen of Pose-Coco Rocha! During my teenage years, Coco Rocha's face was spread across major fashion magazines and campaigns. I was surprised she had countless expressions and poses. She was able to control different looks and had strong features. Something worth learning! So when I saw Coco Rocha announce Coco Rocha Model Camp on social medias, I immediately joined!

4. Among the participants, Coco Rocha personally handpicked you. How did you feel then?

When I submitted my work for application, I didn't have much expectations. I thought about the number of participants that would apply! Who would have known the next morning, I saw a few more likes and comments from Coco Rocha on my Instagram. Coco's comments compared me with another supermodel Erin O'Connor.

Idol's approval and praise; she received an invitation for Coco Rocha Model Camp, and still remembers the joy at the time!

5. What is your most memorable memory at Coco Rocha Model Camp?

During the training, Coco shared with us her shooting experience of crying in front of the camera, so I wanted to challenge myself and express sadness in front of the camera. During the shooting, I was trying to think about these emotions and feel them, but there was a lot going on set and laughter around me, it was a bit difficult to concentrate. I had picked a song to help me get into the mood, and it all ended smoothly. The photographer even said to me, "I could feel your emotions through the lens, you deeply moved me." At that moment, being able to use photography to touch people’s emotions felt amazing, and brought me an inexplicable sense of success.

6. Which designer do you most want to work with?

I most wanted to work with Karl Lagerfeld. Although this opportunity is no longer available, Karl Lagerfeld is definitely a symbol in the fashion industry, and the legendary moments he created will not be forgotten.

7. Your most uncomfortable work experience?

When I was 19 years old, I got an audition opportunity for underwear advertising, but I had no relevant experience, so through the manager’s introduction, I met a photographer to take some photos for the audition. When I went to the shooting scene, I found out that it was the photographer's home, which is not very common in France. At the time, I was only 19 and I was going to take some lingerie shots at the home of a photographer in his 50s. I felt uncomfortable. During the shooting, he took out some underwear advertisements for reference and asked me to pose in the same pose as the naked-toed model in the photo. As a newcomer, I could only trust the professional guidance of a photographer with rich experience. The shooting was successfully completed, but I still felt uncomfortable, so I emailed him afterwards and asked to delete some photos.

Lucie Petit Ming Pao Magazine Hong Kong.

8. What do you think of the Hong Kong modeling industry?

Hong Kong's acceptance of models is too low. Over the years, the Hong Kong fashion industry has only employed slim models, and some readers may not resonate. When you look at the United States, they celebrate the unique beauty of everyone, and you will see models with physical disabilities, full-bodied models, and so on. I remember a model in a wheelchair being invited at Model Camp. Her shots are beautiful, not losing to any other models. Each of us has its own unique beauty. I believe by being bold and confident, everyone could be a model.


9. What are your next steps?

I set up my own YouTube channel to share my modeling experience. Let’s see what tomorrow is made of but I hope, like Coco Rocha, to pass on other models what I learned from experience and from her.


10. What do you think is overrated?

Instagram models and Gigi Hadid's debuts on the runway. Many models work hard day and night, audition, etc., hoping to show their faces in magazines or campaigns, but because they don't have a lot of followers on Instagram or come from famous families, they don't get the recognition they deserve.

Text: Kris Chan

Edit: Liu Jiarui

Translation: Lucie Petit

NICE-MATIN - 23 September 2019




If today, Lucie Petit from Antibes, leads a modeling career in Hong Kong, it was not predestined... Now she wants to break the clichés around this industry.


Silhouette of goddess, confident gait, ultra fresh complexion. In her carmine and floral jumpsuit, Lucie Petit imposes elegance. Model, the native of Strasbourg who grew up in Gazan barracks in Antibes, displays self-assurance and femininity.

However, as a teenager, she would never have seen herself in this world. On the contrary! Her eyes are laughing: the years have passed and carried with them many blockages... “I have always been tall and thin. I had a bad posture, always stooped, I was a nerd.” Fashion? “Sincerely? I did not care more than that!"

Suffice to say that today, the taste of the young woman for trends has become more refined and affirmed.

Gradually emerging from her chrysalis, the former pupil of Fersen and Audiberti saw herself, with her scientific baccalaureate in the pocket, rather working in real estate. But destiny and her choices decided otherwise. “After my BTS I did not feel ready to enter the work world yet.

Nice-Matin Lucie Petit


I then enrolled in Applied Foreign Languages ​​at the University of Nice, I wanted to learn English first and foremost and I started hostess jobs here and there as a student job.” Until her profile holds the attention of pros...

“When I am asked how I started to be a model, there is always the fantasy of the wild casting. But no one stopped me in the street offering me a contract!” She laughs, explaining: “I had applied for a casting already filled. My application was sent to an agency that offered me a three-month contract in Hong Kong.”

Jumping on the opportunity to live a new experience, she flies 9,500 kilometers away. In a city that pulsates at light speed. Radical change.

She falls in love with this extraordinary city. So, when the offer to renew her contract comes, the top weighs the pros and cons. The pros will weigh much heavier.

Left for twelve weeks at 20 years old, she now has lived for six years at the other end of the world off this work that makes people dream as much as speculate, and this Lucie Petit is well aware of it.

Working for many brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Hugo Boss and Kate Spade, she lives her life at a crazy fast-paced in the fashion industry. “People think that modeling is mostly photo shoots. But that's not essentially the case”, she says, breaking one of the hard-won ideas: “We have to dissociate two things, editorial and artistic shows and shootings from commercial jobs. These are not the first ones that models live off!”


If the pro obviously lends herself to these exercises, she earns a living mainly thanks to her 1.77 meter of personality far from front rows and other cat walks. In the world of fashion version backstage. “Models are also there to wear new collections before their release, allow teams to make adjustments, select pieces...”


Living hangers? She laughs. “Frankly speaking, I’ve had bad experiences where no one speaks to you unless it’s to ask you to turn, walk etc...” But overalls human contacts remain essential.

A dimension she defends against clichés: “To think that a model is always moody, unbearable with people, arrives late after partying all night is not it. Yes, there are. But if you really want to succeed, you just have to behave decently, take care of yourself and stay professional before anything else.” A lifestyle that she has always adopted.

Sportswoman since her childhood, she has never been one to overdo things. Despite her stunning figure, the young woman says: “I don’t deprive myself of anything.” Even more: “Yes, I eat everything. Even raclette! Except that the next day I watch out. That‘s all!”

A sense of "good things" that she wants to share with the greatest number. Like Coco Rocha, Canadian model muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose ​​she admires the values: “Like her, I want to spread a positive message!

Nice-Matin Lucie Petit
Nice Matin Lucie Petit


Natural, she reveals her face without makeup on her Instagram account. Shots taken very simply. Stereotype one more time snapped. Because she knows that the acceptance of our own reflection in the mirror can take time. “I also suffered from it. When I see girls in the street who do not walk with their heads up, trying to hide behind their shoulders, I want to tell them that it's a shame! The body attitude and confidence changes everything. I learned so much from this profession, it really enhanced my personal development. That's why I want to talk about it.”

And precisely, the Antiboise is getting ready to do it on the Internet by launching her YouTube channel on this subject. A mind full of creativity swarming with projects, an everyday life at 10,000 kilometers an hour, a foolproof optimism and soon, who knows, another goal? “It's true that I haven’t worked a lot with French brands so far. So why not soon?”



Rigorous, Lucie Petit wants to launch her project when everything is ready, but her YouTube channel should be born soon. A project on the video sharing platform to defend her philosophy, her way of life: “It's not the same as on Instagram. There, we speak, the expressions are there, we are more in a natural relationship.”

The content of her videos? Focused around her profession of supermodel, of course. “I want to talk about the reality of modeling. Give advice to the younger generation who wish to take this route. Like, for example, the way to address the agencies, how to develop a portfolio... Or even behind the scenes of the profession to understand how it’s done and what to expect.”


However, Lucie Petit does not intend to speak only to future models: “I will also give some tips on how to make better photos, know how to pose.” Little things that can help you love yourself.

Margot Dasque

Translated by Lucie Petit from the Nice-Matin original article

TOVE & LIBRA - January 2019




tove & libra 1.jpg
tove & libra 2.jpg
tove & libra 3.jpg
tove & libra 4.jpg

MING'S - November 2017 - Issue 039



APPLE DAILY - 30 April 2016

Apple Daily


The Elegance of a French Model

Apple Daily Hong Kong French May Lucie Petit
Apple Daily Hong Kong French May Lucie Petit

Translation available on the original article.

Apple Daily Hong Kong French May Lucie Petit
Apple Daily Hong Kong French May Lucie Petit
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