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  • Fitting & fashion model for years for more than 30 fashion houses, such as Armani, Kate Spade & Hugo Boss, I've worked close with Kevin Carrigan during his years as Global Creative Director of Calvin Klein and more recently presented Victoria's Secret Fall 2020 collection to its CEO, John Mehas. Mentored by supermodel Coco Rocha, I've spent 4 days training with « The Queen of Pose » in New York in February 2019.

  • Originally from France, I moved to Hong Kong to follow my modeling dreams when I was 20 and since been working internationally, always looking for new opportunities to develop further my career.

  • Beside modeling, I practice acting at HKTA and wakesurfing during my time off. I consider myself a skincare guru & a healthy lifestyle advocate.

  • In a YouTube channel, both entertaining & educational, I invite you to discover the journey of a model through tips & tricks, storytelling & behind the scenes, to understand the profession & potentially guide you through the process of becoming a model yourself. Secrets revealed!

  • Ask for HKMC services to boost your confidence through an empowering modeling experience and master the art of modeling from a beginner level to an advanced one: A unique coaching & modeling education designed just for you. Apply now!

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Lucie Petit

French model in Hong Kong

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"Every sweet, humble young model is only one campaign away from becoming a fashion monster."

Coco Rocha

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Coco Rocha
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