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Modeling workshop to become a model in Hong Kong




Guided photoshoot


in hong Kong

Photoshoot  & snapshots

condensed in an intense

3hrs modeling workshop

- Improve your posing technique

- Understand the structure of a photo shoot

- Adapt your poses according to the different jobs

- Differentiate commercial poses & high fashion poses

- Variate your poses through movements & expressions

- Present your portfolio the best way possible

- Get your portfolio personally reviewed

Learn the essential of Pose 

iN 1 WORKSHOP, theory & practice:

Starting with discussions about the model portfolio, each participant will get a portfolio review of their work to know how to build a better portfolio (even if you only have a few photos, no worries, we all start somewhere & this info will be valuable to you in the future). Following with an introduction class to posing, you'll learn valuable tips to improve the look of your photos during a shooting to rock your next ones. A set of pose exercises will follow to learn & practice different styles of posing to get you comfortable for both commercial & high fashion shootings, before finishing the model workshop with an opening on Study of Pose...

In a world where social medias are the new LinkedIn, some video clips & photos will be taken during the class so you'll have some new content to post about and to share with modeling agencies & clients.

BONUS: Get a chance to win a surprise gift when participating in the Pose challenge that will take place during the exercises.

& Keep learning even after:

Upon completing any of the modeling classes & model workshops, Runway and/or Pose, participants will be entitled to join the HK Model Camp by Lucie PETIT community through its social platforms to keep learning new modeling tips, connect with professionals of the modeling industry & keep updated with the latest models news. Tag @hkmodelcamp so I will keep an eye on your progress overtime.

What you need to bring to the runway workshop:

- Black fitted clothes: Comfortable to wear and to move in

(ex: leggings + tank top/tee shirt)

- Jacket: Ideally leather or jeans jacket but any jacket can do
Casual or sport shoes
- Portfolio: Prepare a selection of photos to show during the portfolio review
Bottle of water
- Notebook and pen for taking notes if necessary


Don't forget to bring your positive attitude & let's have fun! :)

Lucie Petit 360.gif

HK Model Camp by Lucie Petit 

Mentorship program

A selective handful of participants will be picked privately and offered the HK Model Camp by Lucie PETIT mentorship program, a long-term model coaching & representation with a partnering modeling agency based in Hong Kong. The mentorship program aims to develop a very few aspiring models with great potential who could one day become part of the next legion of supermodels.

PRICING OF THE model training:

To celebrate the launch of HK Model Camp by Lucie Petit in Hong Kong this summer, enjoy a promotional offer for any booking before September 21, 2020.


Pose class  & Portfolio review

condensed in an intense

3hrs modeling workshop




Apply to "become a model" to know when to

start your modeling training.

Norm for Now Scorpio Jin Magazine Volume

Covid-19 requirements:

Due to the new recent outbreak of cases and to optimize everyone's safety, a spray of sanitizer solution will be mandatory & temperature will be taken upon entering the studio.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask for all* the workshops.

*Upon previous agreement from the participants, an exception could be made for some exercises of the workshop Pose Career where models would have the choice to remove their mask under the condition to be separated of at least 1.5m apart from each other. Restricting the classes to a few people, a further social distance is expected.

IS HK Model Camp 

by Lucie Petit  WORTH IT?

If you don’t know where to start &

the do’s and don’ts, this formation will

save years of self-practice trying to figure it out on your own, in a modeling industry that is often putting an age limit to your career.

Don't waste your time, start now!

If you already have some experience, it will help you strengthen your technique &

brush up your weaknesses.


You will not only get chances to sign with modeling agencies & get modeling jobs in the future, you will also learn meaningful values that go beyond modeling such as self-confidence, professionalism and ethics.





Maye Musk, 70, in Hong Kong Prestige magazine in 2018

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